The Deep Dark Cave of Game Development Depression (and How to Dig Yourself Out!)

Tim Ruswick

Tim Ruswick is the founder of Game Dev Underground and the author of the Game-Maker's Manifesto.

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  • Have you ever struggled with depression? How did you overcome it?

  • Tim, I survived through all the journey you described too. Except maybe not washing my body for a few days. But other stuff – it all happened to me too. Sometimes it still happens. And it all started once I left office to work alone at home.

    I would say the core of depression is our laziness, maybe lonliness too Once you stop actually handling your problems, once you give up, depression will come. It will also make you think of everything you don’t do and those thought will make it even worse. Seems like we can’t just be like rocks, not moving not doing anything. We always have to progress and affect this world.

    Advises you described – all of them are helpful. Thanks for the honest article.

    • Thank you for sharing man.

      It’s weird having been a part of these epic highs, and then super deep lows…I think its all about capacity. And the less you do, the less you have capacity to do. So with depression for example, the second you give up and stop doing those things, they become harder to do, which makes you do less things and so on.

      I think loneliness is a BIG part of it. And I think the guilt of the fact that I though I was supposed to be an awesome achieving person, and I wasn’t really got to me. SO I suppose laziness was a part of it in that sense.

      I appreciate your comment dude 🙂

  • Nick Linney

    Yeah. Every single item in the list I lived. Not because of game design, but depression comes for many reasons. Your advice is applicable to my experience as well. I’m glad to be in the self-improvement montage right now. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • I don’t think any developer that’s been depressed was a direct result of game design. I think for me it was just one of the final things…or maybe it was just the thing I blamed. There was a ton more, there always is. That’s why depression is so hard to overcome.

      I’m glad you’re in the montage man! Stay there. Don’t quit.