60 Tips to Stay Motivated and Finish Your Indie Game

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Tim Ruswick

Tim Ruswick is the founder of Game Dev Underground and the author of the Game-Maker's Manifesto.

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  • What is something that keeps *YOU* motivated and on task?

  • Kuba Poliszuk

    @gamedevunderground:disqus Playable game of course :D! When you see something in what you can play, even if this game haven’t any sense right now is really motivating 😉

    • True dat! Getting to the playable game as fast as you can is super important. If you work for too long with nothing to show it can be demotivating. Good point dude!

  • Armaan Sandhu

    Awesome post, thank you! Just about to get started with really working on my game after working on it in spots for the past 6 months, and this should keep me on track!

    • Glad to help man! This stuff has def helped me.

  • eric dalpiaz

    just great!!!! thanks you so much for taking the time to do this , me and my friend we re starting our Studio , this help us so much. Greetings from Argentina.

  • scriptfeels

    Great article. I feel a bit overwhelmed and some of the advice here will help me stay on track.