Passion Does Not Equal Unlimited Motivation

Tim Ruswick

Tim Ruswick is the founder of Game Dev Underground and the author of the Game-Maker's Manifesto.

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  • Holly

    Great read. Although luckily I haven’t hit a burn out yet, I made that exact same realization: Passion does not provide unlimited motivation – and I kept wondering why that is, blindly assuming that passion is supposed to do just that.

    And I still haven’t quite solved the riddle of motivation, but I feel like hearing you say “being passionate and unmotivated is normal” definitely has been a big help for me at getting on the right track.

    The answer that worked for you – “be dedicated” – isn’t quite sufficient for me though. After all, isn’t that just swapping out two labels? “be motivated” vs. “be dedicated”, really, where’s the difference in terms of actionability here?

    My understanding so far is that motivation comes from having a very concrete, actionable, and feasible task before you. Like, when I exactly know what to do, that is to say where and how to start, then I feel like motivation is a given.

    Though it is not always easy to define such a concrete starting point to the next task. Obviously you can’t have a full understanding of how to implement some feature before having implemented something like it at least once, so that’s kind of tricky…

    The next thing I want to try is to come up with some kind of workflow that makes it easy to break down big tasks into small, actionable and feasible ones.