Should You Go To College For Game Dev? Here’s My Experience.

Tim Ruswick

Tim Ruswick is the founder of Game Dev Underground and the author of the Game-Maker's Manifesto.

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  • Did you go to school for game dev? What was your experience like?

    • Vadim Starygin

      There was none – when I started.
      So a few years back – I found a my own – small one – but still a gamedevelopment school =)

  • Damien Smith

    I remember applying for a Game Development Course here in Ireland a good few years ago. I would have been about 23 or 24 at the time and I was simply rejected despite showing I had a game in the making, using the tools the course covered such as Blender and working voluntarily with an Indie game developer as a tester.

    I was rightly pissed off about it, considering others were accepted that literally left within the year. Your whole story definitely makes that feel a whole lot better now.

    • Yeah dude I can imagine how that might feel. Sucks. I cant speak for your school but mine really wasn’t all that great, so not much to miss.

  • Hello Tim,

    I have a very similar experience. Although I didn’t go to the university to learn how to make games. I went there because somehow I had the false feeling that they will teach me useful stuffs. I was totally wrong.
    I worked as a programmer already, and this was an evening class. I very expensive one. What did I get next to their unusable math knowledge? (it was a programming course tho) Here is the list:

    – I wasted 5 years from my life learning long in the night stupid things
    – wasted a LOT OF cash
    – I’ve burnt out.

    Today I’m trying to make my own luck as an Indie Game Developer, leaving my career in the business industry as an architect. I’d love to see some videos about your own games on your youtube channel. Keep it up!


    • Hey man! I appreciate the comment, and Im sorry you had a bad experience like I did. Glad you’re following your dreams though!