Watch out for CUBES!
By Vu Le

Cubes help you and Cubes kill you!








By Vu Le on June 9, 2018, 6:10 am.

This is my first game I've ever made. So the main goal is to get it done in a month. 

I started as I made myself to come up with very simple game that I can make the prototype in few hours. And I did. The idea is all around the cubes. (I use the default assets in Unreal Engine). 

Game brief:

- Player has to find the way to go accross field of cubes. There are different type of cubes that will behave differently (Safe, Destroy, Disturb, Time, Obstacle)

That's it. I want to make a decent and focus on GAMEPLAY for my first project. I may look into make it a little more art friendly since I started as an 3d artist. 

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