Cowboy Down
By A.M.Gaming

Guide the cowboy down through the sky avoiding cactus's and not falling.

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Cowboy Down published on Google Play
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Cowboy Down
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A.M.Gaming's Android Game "Cowboy Down"
By A.M.Gaming on February 7, 2018, 4:31 pm.

Hello Internet! My name is Andrea, I am a solo Indie Developer that is working on Cowboy Down an adventure, jump down, coin collecting Android game that will be published on Google Play. I have been working on this game for about 9 days now total. I just recently joined this site, I had already done a ton of work on Cowboy Down. 

My degree is in Game Design, I am not a programmer and I have been self teaching myself C# and Unity. I have done all the coding on this project. I will say so far the most frustrating part of this project has been getting the background spawners to work properly. I was having issues with the BG's not scaling properly even though I was going thru the process of anchoring in the Unity Editor. I ended up "Hard Coding" all the scaling for the backgrounds to get them to scale properly to screen size and keep generating to simulate the endless effect of jumping down thru the sky. Once I figured out how to hard code the scaling of the BG's everything worked fine from there. 

I have setup random platform, enemy, and collectible spawning. As the player travels down thru the sky moving from platform to platform the score increases and the player can pick up extra lives or coins. 

Overall I am very happy with the game's aesthetics and right now I need to setup and implement both the Google Play Leader Boards and Achievements. I will be working on these all week and hope to have them finished and implemented for play testing by Sunday evening. 

I have been doing video updates of my progress in development on my Facebook page. I have included the links to these videos here in this post if anyone is interested.

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