Crystal Cave VR (ON HOLD)
By Jmcm16

You must enter the cave ready to uncover the secrets locked within this First-Person VR adventure!








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Hello GameDev Underground!

For a start, I'm Josh and I'll be starting to work on a project that I know will come to a finish!

I've been working on a concept for a while on my own, and after some thinking, I've decided to put this project up on GameDev Underground for an outside look and feedback on the project. 

Here's my current Game Design Document*:


Cave Exploration

Game Design Document

Game Identity / Mantra: 

Low-poly FPS(-S) about the exploration of an unmarked cave, filled with dangerous creatures and valuable crystals.

Design Pillars:

Wonderment, immersion, simple.

Genre/Story/Mechanics Summary:

This game uses the best elements of VR in order to give the player freedom to navigate a cave without getting too lost...


  • Distinct atmosphere
  • Tight frame-rate
  • Comfort controls
  • Engaging VR


There are major difficulties to VR, the big one being interfacing:

  • The Cardboard Reticle serves as the main pointer, allowing navigation and exploration
  • Almost all interfaces will be world-based

Art Style: 

Low-Poly, Atmospheric

    Art Links (opens in a new window):


I fell in love with the soundtrack to both Subnautica for its electronic soundtrack, and the soundtrack to an N64 game I didn't know about, Jet Force Gemini!

YouTube Playlist (opens in new window)

Development Roadmap / Launch Criteria**: 

  • Platform: iOS (potentially Android)
  • Audience: Children and Up
  • Milestone 1: Mechanics Polished - 2/24/2018
  • Milestone 2: Enemy and World Lore - 6/12/2018
  • Milestone 3: Beta/Sound Design - 8/30/2018
  • Milestone 4: Play Testing - 1/1/2019
  • Launch Day: 3/10/19 (or whenever Spring Break is!)


As you can see, I have a long road ahead of me. But with the community and tools available here, I should succeed!

Wish me luck!


Josh M.


* Format Adopted from GameDev Underground's GDD

** All dates are subject to change... Mainly because I've planned so much time so far out since I have absolutely no gauge as to how fast development will come. Dates wil tweak over time!

*** If you want a laugh, this bottom snippet will be your city. I like to have fun, because why not?

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