Demons Rule: Kingdom Survival
By Rob

Try to survive in a world of Demons. This game isn't about beating the final boss - this game is about man's survival.



Work in Progress





A new beginning
By Rob on April 9, 2018, 8:13 pm.

I've been doing a lot more thinking than coding lately and that's because I haven't figured out exactly how one of the core features will work.

Building a settlement under the watchful gaze of Demons should be a nightmare, but there should still be some hope for the player.  Working out how to balance this dynamic has been a slow process but I've been able to make a few improvements and, comparing the game now to the early prototype, it's coming along nicely!

Some features that I already have may need to go. The crafting system doesn't really make sense in the game, and it's probably annoying for players. The only reason I thought it was cool is that it was the first crafting system I'd made and I'd impressed myself, lol.

Demons Rule: Kingdom Survival was just going to be for Android, but hopefully people will like it enough for me to invest in making a PC version. Feedback, input, and comments are greatly appreciated because they help to motivate me and let me know people are actually interested in the game!

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