Fragments of Genesis
By TsuyoiRaion

An evil plot to escape a desolate planet brings together the unfortunate few who were cast aside.

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Other devlogs on this game:

Alpha v0.3 Release & Steam Greenlight
Devlog by TsuyoiRaion on February 12, 2017.

Alpha v0.2 Release
By TsuyoiRaion on January 27, 2017, 10:52 pm.

There is a new Alpha currently available for download on the games page offering double what the first version did as well as lots of additions, changes and fine tuning ^_^ Check it out!

Changelog v0.2:

  • Added intro splash video
  • Changed title screen background image
  • Updated "Press start" text (font and blink speed)
  • Added sound effects and animations for object interaction (moving barrel, welding, etc.)
  • Updated exterior ship floating robot dialogue
  • Unlocked interior of ship gameplay area(s)
  • Setup puzzles for interior ship
  • Updated sidekick droid dialogue and functionality
  • Updated interior ship background design
  • Added fog to interior ship (bottom area)
  • Updated exterior ship robot dialogue for interaction with sidekick
  • Added end of 1st episode cutscene
  • Added no entry areas for sidekick (to avoid blocking items, moving, etc.)
  • Updated game.exe icon graphic and name (custom)