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Another First Update
By Everbrave on August 13, 2017, 1:07 am.

I started Evelyn as a little prototype for Ludum Dare 39.  I didn't expect it to be fun or finished. After receiving a lot of good feedback I decided to keep working on it.

Right after the initial launch on Game Jolt I decided to firstly address the biggest complaints about the game, which were the 2 way platforms and the lack of a viable jumping ability. I started with the platforms to make jumping more accessible.  This took me a couple days to actually implement a decent way, and I'm still going to run into some issues with it when it comes to the player throwing items through the platforms.  Finally I ended up settling with turning collisions off when the player was below the platforms and on when they were above, while leaving a collision group intact for enemies and items sitting on the platforms.  Again, this means I can't throw items like the teleporter orbs through the platforms, but I'll have to think of a way through that when I get there.

Next was the jump.  Changing jump height was easy enough, but I wanted to take it one step further and explore what a double jump feature would feel like.  I instantly loved it and I'm going to keep it, but I'm quite sure I'll lock it behind an upgrade wall somewhere in the game to create a bit more progression throughout the playtime.

Other than those big features the only things I've really implemented such are a rework of the islands art to prevent hidden platforms and to allow more diverse areas in the maps.  I created a good sized group of islands that I can use like stamps in the scene editor to create very organic looking island shapes.  Because of the hand painted texture on these the islands blend in quite nice together and then I can just overlay platforms wherever I want on the islands.

Next up I started work on a farming system which currently involves the ability for crops to grow and be harvested for specific item drops.  This also prompted me to create an infinite inventory system to keep the game and development simple.  Players can collect anything they want and as much as they want and never have to worry about having space.

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