Boxtory || 2D Platformer
By Cryttexx

A factory themed 2D Platformer about a robot with the possibility to place boxes everywhere.

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Boxtory: First Devlog || Devlog #1
By Cryttexx on July 13, 2017, 3:57 pm.

We need Playtesters for the Prototype soon. (Just PN or comment)


like i said this is our first Devlog. There are many informations on the game site. But now a few news:

- added a nice Old TV Filter. Now it looks like a security cam. (Picture on the game information site)

- Prototype is coming in about a weak. 

- one new enemy

- a cool TNT Box 

- one more Level


The new enemy is a verry fast enemy and will catch instantly. But you can kill him before with a special trick with a normal or hard box.  Be exited.

TNT Box:

Can destroy some special things like wood or some thing like that.

Sorry that there are so less news but i write more things on the Scirra Forum. (Link in the game information). There are more informations about the boxes.

Hopefully you like this game and just write a comment if you have queations or feedback.


Tim Ruswick 1 year ago

Dude!!! Looks like you put a lot of work into this. Cant wait till your prototype is out, I'll be your first player!