Boxtory || 2D Platformer
By Cryttexx

A factory themed 2D Platformer about a robot with the possibility to place boxes everywhere.

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Boxtory: First Devlog || Devlog #1
Devlog by Cryttexx on July 13, 2017.

Boxtory: Prototype is there! || Devlog #3
By Cryttexx on August 4, 2017, 5:25 pm.

The Prototype is there! Prototype testers seachred!

First i want to thank everyone who takes the time and trys out this prototype. Also i made a little survey for you to help me as much as you can without taking to much time.
Yay. The day we all waited for (i think only me) is there. Here is the PROTOTYPE!

First a few things:
- This is only a Prototype so all graphics will be made new after the prototype
- There is no story and dialogue box at the moment
- There are missing many traps and boxes
- at the moment there are 3 levels (2 easy and 1 really hard)

So now the Prototype is on Dropbox. Download just the file extract it and start the nw.exe. It was hard work to make the game as far as a single person so i would thank you as much if you write a comment and fill out the survey. So now have fun with this game.

Boxtory Prototype

The Survey

Thank you for your help

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