Boxtory || 2D Platformer
By Cryttexx

A factory themed 2D Platformer about a robot with the possibility to place boxes everywhere.

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Boxtory: First Devlog || Devlog #1
Devlog by Cryttexx on July 13, 2017.

Boxtory: Prototype will come this weekend || Devlog #2
By Cryttexx on July 30, 2017, 8:40 pm.

We are searching for Prototype testers. Just write a comment.

I know that i wasnt so active in the last time. But i did many things in this week. There are now two of three Prototype Levels and many other new Features and bug fixes. It was hard work to fix all These bugs. And after about 700 Events and about 250 objects each Level, Im so glad to can say: This weekend the Prototype will come out. I thank all of you for always helping ( @mercuryus , @NN81)! 

What i must do this week:
- the last Level for the Prototype
- Fixing the last Little bugs
- make a Google Document so that it will be easier for you to give me Feedback
- and finding prototype testers

What you must do:
- Answer this question: Where do you want Play it?
- Dropbox as NW.js
- Scirra Arcade
- somth. else
- and writing me a PN that you want to help me and that you will test the game. It would help us SO much...

Bye for now
(and the whole Stone Punsh Studio)

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