The Vacuum
By Ched80

A simple 2D space trader with pseudo orbital physics.



Work in Progress





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Breaking Physics
By Ched80 on August 18, 2016, 7:15 pm.

The last two weeks have been spent tweaking the alternative orbit prototype.  The current physics code was too rigid and simply wasn't fun enough.

I managed to get a the prototype working fairly fast and producing nice orbits and generating a nice feel to the game, but as soon as I tried to add it to the game, the game just broke down in several places.  First it was crashing on start-up, next the orbits just weren't working and when they did work they just didn't have the same feel of the prototype.

But after many iterations - modifying the prototype to be more like the actual game - and tweaking the solar system generator in the real game, I finally managed to get the nice prototype orbital mechanics into the game.

And here is a little screenie of it in action.

What you can see here is the blue 'vapour trail' of where you have come from and the white predicted future orbit.

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