Hunter Spade Redux
By Asix Jin

Peace will be Hunted



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Calculating the Attack!
By Asix Jin on February 21, 2017, 7:45 am.

Hunter Spade was an entry for Ludum Dare in which the theme was 'You are the Monster'. I came up with this great little 'mini-RPG' where you go around destroying people seeking to make peace and fix universal problems. Like always I had written out amazing ideas for this project, but eventually had to pull back on most of them to ensure the game was finished in the 3 days allotted to me. The produced game was nowhere near my initial vision, but I enjoyed the ideas so much I decided to make Hunter Spade more than a Ludum Dare entry!

I decided to release it on Android, thinking it would make a perfect time-wasting mobile game, and quickly began making the necessary changes to get it on the platform. This would lead me to buy my Play Store license and put out Hunter Spade (on Beta release) in a state that was closer to what I had envisioned (but still far from it). After awhile the game became hard to manage (due to sloppy game jam code) and long story short, I stopped working on the project...Which never sat well with me.

It's been nearly one year since that all went down and I have decided to bring the project back from the abyss of unfinished hopeful projects. This time, however, I knew that I couldn't just sit down and start hacking away at some code. No, this time I had to plan my way to victory.  I have a subscription to the Mapt service on PacketPub with plenty of free tokens to spare. I found a nice Unity2D book, claimed it and went through it within a week. It taught me a lot about Unity that I didn't know and made a good point to explain how vital planning was. Every chapter just showed my that I was going about Hunter Spade all wrong and I was definitely not equipped for it. After finishing the book I spent at least a week just jotting down and planning out my steps.  I have barely started and yet I think the time I spent into the brainstorming/planning stage will really prove worthy in the feature.

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Great Gale 1 year ago

Great site, great content keep it up. I've always loved RPG and have mad respect for those who create them!

Tim Ruswick 1 year ago

You know what they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. Checked your site! Look forward to seeing/hearing more about this :)