Cowboy Down
By A.M.Gaming

Guide the cowboy down through the sky avoiding cactus's and not falling.

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Cowboy Down
By A.M.Gaming on February 9, 2018, 11:03 pm.

I have been working on setting up and implementing Unity Ads in Cowboy Down. Which are now up and running. It was very easy, I am running an ad every time the player dies and returns to the Main Menu, but with an option to skip after 5 seconds of view time. This is the first time I have setup Unity Ads to run like this, and I hope it is works out for me. 

I have published the game on Google Play, and here is the link to the game:

I really look forward to any feedback regarding the game, after all this is the first game that I have made completely on my own and actually published it.

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