Crystal Cave VR (ON HOLD)
By Jmcm16

You must enter the cave ready to uncover the secrets locked within this First-Person VR adventure!








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Hey GameDev Underground!

Super Speedy Update: As of this evening, I have a compass that points north (unless you enter a magnetic field... >:D ) and you can pick up a single crystal. Starting to fall behind, but hopefully, I'll have time to catch up really soon!

Have you ever been there?

That moment when you suddenly realize that the world is crashing down on you. You realize that you have that college test tomorrow, so you have to study ASAP? Or you have that meeting to prepare for or some event you are planning on? In either case, you understand the moment fairly well... (1)

We've all been there...

I'm having one of those moments. I've been up late tonight (2) because I have one date in mind: February 24th. It's my Milestone 1 that I'm aiming for, that is to have all of my mechanics working. And I know I'm probably not going to make it.

... And it's okay. Somewhat.

Sometimes it can be hard to accept that fact, but we also need to understand that those dates are to drive us forward, not to set us back or discourage us.

I believe in any project there are some particular items that can get in the way of our milestones:

  • Feature-creep: When we start trying to broaden and expand past our initial concept, we sometimes try to wedge concepts that would be cool for another game, but simply don't work in the game we are working on. Try to stick to your initial GDD (or just broad outline, or basic concept.)
  • Broken-mechanics: Sometimes, our initial concept works out great on paper, but falls apart the moment we prototype it. This can leave us scratching our heads and force us to rethink of ways of implementing mechanics. Prototype early and prototype quick!
  • Rabbit-holed: Artists, we are especially vulnerable to this one early on in prototyping. We can't stand programmer graphics. We want to polish before we even have the basic form outlined! So we spend hours finding that perfect look at what result? Hours have gone, and you may or may not have what you are looking for... (3,4)
  • Life-obligations: While certainly not always avoidable, by not planning ahead and make an effort to revisit our game every so often, we lose out on crucial development time that could be used to springboard into the next phase of development. No easy way around this one. Just plan and do your best to stick to it. :)

The point of this list is not to make excuses, rather it's about acknowledging the things that may set us back and be finding solutions to quickly correcting course. I don't have all the answers, nor will I ever will. I'm just a starting game dreamer, who hopes of becoming a developer. If you have been enjoying my dev logs and find them entertaining or informative, let me know! I've had a blast since joining Game Dev Underground, and have gone much farther than I would have on my own.

Thanks for Reading!

From the Developer, 

Josh M.


1. If any of you have been in any timed game jams, especially those 48 or 24-hour ones... You especially know the feeling.

2. Literally. My body is screaming to get some sleep. But my mind is absolutely racing. I'm so confused right now :P

3. I got super lucky on the crystal look. I only wasted 45 mins... Still was 45 minutes that could have gone into scripting...

4. Also, programmers, I find myself rabbit-holing in the API and scripting manual a lot looking at everything! Any tips on that?

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