Crystal Cave VR (ON HOLD)
By Jmcm16

You must enter the cave ready to uncover the secrets locked within this First-Person VR adventure!








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Hey GameDev Underground!

It's time I admit it:

I've bitten off a bit more than I can chew!

Maybe some of you saw this coming. Perhaps I'm just a "deer-in-headlights". But there is one thing I know. I love my dream project! (1)  But in light of everything, I've learned three things about me and some of the realities surrounding them...

1) I'm a dreamer.

I absolutely love creating and imagining the impossible! I dream of the day where VR becomes readily available, and anyone can experience whole new worlds without any barrier.

// Future Dreaming != Current Reality;

The reality is, I'm just now learning a lot more about programming I didn't even know existed! (2) And each passing day, I'm getting better at programming, but not to the level I would need to see this project to be a reality. In time, maybe it could be possible. Or that may be the dreamer in me...

2) I'm an artist.

I'm constantly analyzing the world as I perceive it. I'm looking for light, color, and composition. And I enjoy when people can look at something I've created, and it has changed them in some way.

// Beautiful to Observe != Fun to Play;

Right now, I'm banging my head against the wall trying to make it fun. Some of the issues are just core issues. I've considered even changing the GDD (3) from Adventure to Puzzle. Right now, I need to focus on making (and especially completing) fun games.

3) I'm a problem solver.

I enjoy constantly scanning the debug console, checking for problems and solving them. And you wouldn't believe how often I would find solutions to problems that most would consider impossible! (4)

// Impossible Problem-Solving != Practical Game Development;

Just because I can solve problems doesn't mean I can pull off game development at this scale I need to focus on the act of actual game development, and not trying to find solutions to problems that are almost non-existent!

Sounds like I'm quitting...

This post does sound bleak. That's not what it's meant to be. I have enjoyed working on the project, even conceptually! I would love to realize this project in the future at some point, but that point is not right now. 

... But I'm not!

Rather, I'm taking some time off, and taking what I've learned starting this project and working forward. I've got a far simpler idea in my head (5) and I'll see where it leads me for a few days. And this time, I'll try not to keep banging my head against the wall :)

I know this post sounded TOTALLY noobish... But I'm just learning still. Basics, maybe, but learning.

From the Developer, 

Josh M.

EXTRA: I want to know about other's experiences with this problem. Has anyone else struggled with planning too big? How did you approach it?


1. I highly recommend checking out this video from Game Dev Underground's YouTube Channel: "Why You Shouldn't Start With Your Masterpiece"

2. That's a SOLID fact!

3. Believe me, the decision was not to be taken lightly. What I had crafted on paper and in mind absolutely had certain core things I wanted!

4. At one point prior to this project, I actually had VR Head Position Tracking working. You could actually walk and crouch in the real world, using nothing but an iPhone. Thanks, Apple ARKit!

5. Thinking can be dangerous... Guess I'll take my chances :)

Jmcm16 4 months ago

Thanks, LawrenceParry! It was tough to put the project down, but I feel like it will turn out to be a better game much later (if any time) because I set it aside.

LawrenceParry 4 months ago

I'm sure everyone here has taken on a project too big for themselves at some point. A year ago I started working on a first person stealth game. I was thinking I had learned a lot and was ready for a big project. I wasn't. The way I look at it is that dream games have to be worked up to through lots of smaller projects. It's something that has to be earned. Good on you for deciding to start with something smaller and not 'banging your head against a wall'.