A Thief Odyssey
By ChibTaleGames

A 2D Side-Scroller sneaking game, A journey of a thief.








Devlog #1 (ATO)
By ChibTaleGames on August 9, 2018, 9:26 am.

Hi guys! I think its pretty late for posting this devlog, the reason being Its my very first, and I'm still learning the ways of a game developer haha, which is fun btw anyways I've been working on A Thief Odyssey aka ATO

Gameplay workings:

What I've done so far on the first few weeks of development is able to put in one of my concept gameplay ideas for the game which is door unlock mini game whereby you have to do a tricky maze game before you are able to unlock a door and rob. I'm able to make the mini game so far - yay! and easiest is making the camera follow the player, your thief and able to move him!

Website working:

I've created my own website for the game which is at www.ChibTaleGames.weebly.com it is created using weebly as I lack experience of developing a website from scratch but its still good though I like the look of my website and  you should check it out! :)

Social Media working:

I've set up my social medias which still needs alot of work as its still empty xD, I've finished setting up my Facebook and Twitter please check them out as I will be posting soon!

Facebook game page: https://www.facebook.com/Athiefodysseygame/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PixelMarcus

Follow my instagram too! : @pixel_marcus

Anyways I feel like I haven't done so much yet for this game, but I'm working on it for you guys :)

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