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A Game set in medieval times where you are...a blacksmith...yay



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Devlog #1 : First Devlog.
By lazzeking on February 16, 2018, 5:31 pm.

Oh .. Hello, this is Kingaria's 1st Devlog, 

So, after avoiding the "problem" for around 2 weeks i've finally decided to make an interior for the main home of the player, but still, there are things that i dislike like the floor and walls texture that im going to change in the near future for surebut let's focus on more important things now.

Now, because im lazy i just drew a door object on top of the house one so to animate that later on but mostly to solve some problem for the player interactions.

Was it the wiser choice? I dont know, maybe, still "if it works, it's good".

Oh yeah, so just so you folks know, im developing the game in GameMaker Studio 2 and doing all my graphics in Photoshop/Piskel. Also , the game Music (WIP for now) is being made by a Dj/Musician , who just happens to be a close friend of mine.

If you guys have any Ideas/Suggestions or even questions you can write them here on Gdu or if you want on the project's Public Trello Page.

See you in the next Devlog!


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