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Explore the caverns of an alien planet to find 7 artifacts. Whether you sell them or use them is up to you.








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Devlog #1 - Artsy fartsy
Devlog by ItsAKaime on April 25, 2018.

Devlog #2 | Back to square one
By ItsAKaime on May 1, 2018, 7:38 pm.

So I use Linux. And sometimes, Linux doesn't like to play nice, especially not on Chromebooks.

Long story short, my project files got corrupted and I'm going to have to restart.

But, the good news is that having a fresh slate has given me opportunity to implement things earlier on that would've been a pain to implement later in the development, so it's kind of a win?

Anyway, to keep things interesting, here's an overview of how the game will play out, ripped from my Twitter thread about it:

"You, the player, start inside a ship, specifically a mining rig. The rig holds cargo, has module construction stations, a medbay, a drop pod, as well as a job board.

The job board is where the meat of the game is, as this is where you decide your course of action. There two types of jobs on the job board, mundane jobs, and volatile jobs.

Mundane jobs are exactly as they sound, they are typically simple ore extraction from asteroids, with some minor enemy fights. These jobs get you 'bits', the in-game currency,  as well as ore & fuel. After you finish the job, you can either collect the reward and loose the resources, or keep the resources and use them for ship/suit upgrades. Occasionallyyou can be ambushed during mundane jobs so be weary of jobs that are too good to be true.

Volatile jobs are where the real action and adventure of the game lies. These jobs are high risk, and very high reward. They also contain bits of storyline and lore from the universe. These jobs take place on planets, specifically under the surface of planets. There will plenty of baddies to kill, and plenty of rare resources. The most important aspecy of this type of job are the 'artifacts'. Artifacts are extremely powerful, and VERY valuable. Relics of the species that inhabit the planets, the artifacts are made of highly reactive, and rare, gems. You can use these artifacts for weapon modules to create the ultimate weapon for your playstyle.

However these artifacts are not easy to get. Generally they are hidden within the surface of the planets, guarded by traps, and hordes of enemies. They will also be guarded by a Zealot, a guardian left behind to protect the artifact at all costs. Should you retrieve the artifact, you can collect your reward, keep it and create weapon as previously stated.

To keep things balanced, to be able to do jobs, you must have enough fuel in your ship to fly there. You can gather fuel from asteroids or planets whilst doing jobs, and it will be instantly transported to your ship. If you run out of fuel however, that's the end of your bout. Your shipping will be lost in the vacuum of space, and your character will die. The game features permadeath, so there is no restarting."

So that's pretty much it! A tiny bit of ship management, a little grinding, and a whole lot of ass kicking is what's in store for Dweller!

Thanks for those who have been following along so far, I am trying my hardest to at the very least get some gifs out, but due to the fact that I work 10 hour days with 3 hours of commute, it's a little hard to find time, but I'm managing! I'll be sure to keep posted every step of the way, either here, or on my Twitter @itsakaime.

Till next time!

PranavGD 2 months ago

Awesome Idea! (and made by someone who uses linux so its gotta be awesome anyway)