By Pyledrvr010

Randomly generated, fast paced platformer. Can you escape The Dungeon?

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By Pyledrvr010 on May 30, 2017, 5:20 pm.

Hello Devlog,

We haven't talked much lately, been really busy and mostly with everything BUT getting my game done.

A couple things have changed:

    -Removed the procedural background

        -Was too resource intensive to keep it running, right now running with a minimalist look.

    -Added coins and coin tracking

    -Add Generic function to handle player stats and saving.

    -Still working on making code cleaner and more efficient

Things to still come:

    -Either an RPG element to the game or a shop of 1 use items for the player.

        -Help the player jump higher, fall slower, etc...

    -More UI features

        -Menus to support the features stated above

        -Clean up the UI thats currently there

            -The current score text isn't quite right.


And now here is the exciting part!

JPGameProjects - Jumper

I got a website! Now its hosted by wix but hopefully here soon i can get my own domain. Please check it out, the link goes to a sub page for the game jumper but you can click on the header and see the home page if you so desire!

Be back soon (hopefully)!

Great Gale 8 months ago

Great Job PYLEDRVR010 Can't wait to see your finished game, keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to playing your game!