By Pyledrvr010

Randomly generated, fast paced platformer. Can you escape The Dungeon?

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By Pyledrvr010 on May 30, 2017, 5:20 pm.

Hello Devlog,

We haven't talked much lately, been really busy and mostly with everything BUT getting my game done.

A couple things have changed:

    -Removed the procedural background

        -Was too resource intensive to keep it running, right now running with a minimalist look.

    -Added coins and coin tracking

    -Add Generic function to handle player stats and saving.

    -Still working on making code cleaner and more efficient

Things to still come:

    -Either an RPG element to the game or a shop of 1 use items for the player.

        -Help the player jump higher, fall slower, etc...

    -More UI features

        -Menus to support the features stated above

        -Clean up the UI thats currently there

            -The current score text isn't quite right.


And now here is the exciting part!

JPGameProjects - Jumper

I got a website! Now its hosted by wix but hopefully here soon i can get my own domain. Please check it out, the link goes to a sub page for the game jumper but you can click on the header and see the home page if you so desire!

Be back soon (hopefully)!

Great Gale 12 months ago

Great Job PYLEDRVR010 Can't wait to see your finished game, keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to playing your game!