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Randomly generated, fast paced platformer. Can you escape The Dungeon?

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Devlog #5 - Getting Close!
By Pyledrvr010 on June 8, 2017, 2:10 pm.

Hey Devlog!

So I'm getting really excited about the game, lately we have added a variety of things!

   -Coin gathering and tracking

   -Shop page

   -Updated Main menu

   -Added level progression (talk on more in a minute)

   -Prefabs, prefabs, prefabs

   -Score tracking

So just to touch on some of these:

Coins: there for a while I was wandering what the best way to monetize my game would be without having to flood it with ads or paid content. I decided on a system that would allow people to either play the game and collect the currency that way to upgrade or customize their player. This is where I got the coins idea. 

They way they are implemented is pretty simple, on creation of a new platform there is a percentage chance that a coin will be spawned centered on the platform. This makes development super easy and gives us control on how frequent we want the player to be able to gather coins. Later on with very little work we could add features like: Coins have more value the higher you climb, they change colors based on value, maybe they get bigger? The possibilities are endless especially with how they are implemented it would be a cinch! Also because were using prefabs ;)

Prefabs: Now I'm sure some of you are wondering what a prefab is! Well to put it simple its a already created game object with all the bells and whistles attached: scripts, colliders, rigidbody components, colorization, so on and so forth. We then take this object and save it as a prefab in our project folder. Now the cool part is when I want to add a platform or a coin to my game all I have to do is call this prefab and say "go here, now!" and it's in the game. In the past you would have had to build this new game object from scratch in your code, which is cumbersome and can slow down a larger game or one with little resources (like mobiles!).

So I'm very excited about my prefabs especially with my coins since they use a particle system.

Particle System: I almost forgot! I added a particle system to the game as well. Particle systems are really neat and I was wanting to add one some way or another but wasn't sure how. I'm not really the type to just add things so I can say they are in my game so i needed a practical way, then I started implementing the coins. I was playing a demo and saw how even though it was cool the coins were there, it was kind of boring. Well after some tinkering around with the particle system I decided I didn't want to do it. WELL LOH AND BEHOLD guess who forgot to take it out of there game when they pushed it to their phone for testing....This guy! The crazy thing about it though once I was playing on my phone and saw the effect I was hooked, it added excitement to a very casual game in a subtle non-intrusive way.

So yeah, now we have a particle system...how cool!

Main Menu: Pretty basic here had to add some buttons for added functionality, like shopping and to-be-implemented continue button for those who exit without dying (dont want you losing your hard earned progress!).

Shop Menu: This page was fun and is pushing me to add more content. When completed this will be where the player can use coins to buy upgrades or customized skins for the player. Also on this page the player will have an option to buy coins with real money to speed up the extra content collection. 

Looking forward to this page, will update as more comes down the pipe!

Score Tracking: This is a pretty duh! implementation considering the type of game it is, but the part that took the longest to get working was how to centralize control over player data. Ended up using a singleton class that handles all the information that would be saved or persist between plays. This includes (but not limited too) high score, current score, coins collected and so on. If anyone wants to know more about this please just send me a message or leave a comment!

Level Progression: Now things are getting exciting! I wasn't sure if I had already talked about this (didn't want to check either) so I'm just going to touch on it again. The level progression in this game is a tricky system since not a lot changes, you jump, you fall, you start over. I wanted a way to ease new players into the game yet still scale the game for the experienced players.

So what's been implemented is a separation and scaling mechanic on the platforms. As the player climbs the platforms will start to move away from the center of the screen, slowly but enough so that after a few minutes if the player is not paying attention they will underestimate a jump and fall. After so long though the platforms will have to stop or float off screen making the game impossible to continue. This is where the scaling mechanic comes into play. After so long of separating the platforms will start to scale down, getting small on the center point. This makes for a challenging game play for those who are reaching the top of the game (theirs not a top but it sounds nice). 

Due to the difficulty that could come with a smaller and more spread out platform, the coin system stated above will probably be implemented to increase the value of the coins based on height climbed to reward the more skilled players.

I'm really looking forward to releasing my game soon, this will be my first release and I'm exciting to see my progress. I want my first game to be a well rounded, simple, yet complete project and every day I get closer. Right now it's fun to see that I'm mainly tweaking content that's already there and that most of the "gameplay" is polished and complete. Now all I'm adding is extra content and I'm having a blast!

Any questions or comments please leave them below, I look forward to reading them!

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