By Gullberger

Skyroad-inspired retro 80th neon-style arcaderacer!!!

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Version 0.7 is here.
Devlog by Gullberger on April 23, 2018.

Alpha 0.6.2
Devlog by Gullberger on April 1, 2018.

New version... the alpha0.6
Devlog by Gullberger on March 9, 2018.

First Public relase, just 4 u guys here to betatest.
By Gullberger on March 4, 2018, 12:50 pm.

As my first unity-project evarrr!! I wanna let u guys try it out and gimme some feedback. 

The plan so far is moar levels... the some minor bugs that may apear. tweak some mechanic and stuff.

Kanugane 3 months ago

That's great. Also, try to move the sun behind the player, not infront. So the white text would be easier to spot and read. :)

Gullberger 3 months ago

Thank for the feedback, Kanugane! Slowmo at death sound like a great idea, gonna add it in then I learned howto do it. This is like my learn unity-project. After I uploaded this built, I fixed the rotation on the playervechicle, and made a unfixed-script then the player hit a obstacle. I planned to get more musictracks, in gameplay, but also at the menu and gameover-screen then all levels are beated. The first level is supose to be a tutorial/intro-level, and I gonna keep improve it. I probably not gonna make long level enough to reqiure checkpoints, but dunno, maybe it will be implented anyway in future.

Kanugane 3 months ago

I like the logo. Gives this 80s feeling just by looking at it. As for the game itself. Since we have bare-minimum of everything but only a core-concept of the game, Alpha stage sounds a little too loud for the game's current state :) Don't get me wrong, though! Music is nice and the game in general has a potential. There is little to feedback right now but: 1) I'd suggest to add a slow-motion effect for the player's -first- obstacle type. Do I need to jump up for the first time? Do I need to strife jump to the left? At these moments, slow-motion would give more time for a new player to learn the rules of your game. 2) Try perhaps add more than one music. If I die and am forced to listen to the beginning of the music over and over, it eventually becomes less enjoyable to listen. No offence! Music is nice by itself. With that being said, keep working on the game! Also, the only bug I found out so far: If I manage to pass an obstacle, but during this time i somehow flip up and down, the player continues the level with the ship's belly up. Perhaps, if I've flipped up, the ship would slow down and the round would start over? Also, once levels become bigger, checkpoints would be handy too. Good luck!