Why Did the Chicken Cross the Universe?
By cheshirekatsmile101

Chicken travels across the galaxy, saving chicken kind

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Devlog by cheshirekatsmile101 on February 7, 2018.

For the Passion
By cheshirekatsmile101 on February 8, 2018, 1:08 pm.

I am pushing forward on my project - "Why Did the Chicken Cross the Universe?" . Today I plan on building tile blocks for the moon level and start to really flesh that scene out. I have several levels in a semi-finished state.( I had abandoned this project last fall out of personal shut down.) I was glad to see how far along that I had gotten on this game when I came back to it in January . I am really excited about it and I have began to put together some promotional stuff (screenshots, video, etc.) I see the value of building promotion throughout the dev process. I feel that it will help put together a great press kit in the end and get the game exposure. I am working hard everyday on this game and I hope to finish within the next few months. I love the GDU it has helped me remember why I love to build games; I have a burning passion to make games.  I have been a Chef for over twenty years, with that profession there is little time for simple everyday things, let alone the dedication that it takes to design and execute a great indie game. Now that I have time to do this, I will make my dreams come true. 

I will see this through, because I want people to play my game, to play my art, MY PASSION.

just sayin'  

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