By LawrenceParry

Dodge through traffic in rocket powered cars

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More polish, more vehicles.
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Fine Tuning.
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Gameplay and dev update!
By LawrenceParry on October 24, 2017, 3:22 am.

So I've been meaning to do devlogs right from the get go but as you probably know games look ugly early on in development. We're talking Grey cubes on a grey background. However the first prototype is now complete! The game ends when the timer reaches zero. Time is gained by getting near misses, reaching checkpoints, pulling drifts and travelling at a high speed. I spend far too much time getting the car to feel just right; despite the games 3D visuals it uses 2D physics which makes it difficult to create convincing vehicles.

The track randomly spawns in front of the player from 3 different pieces and is destroyed behind them. This is good because it increases replay ability but more pieces will be needed to prevent it from becoming repetitive.

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LawrenceParry 9 months ago

Several more cars are in the works. Next I will be adding a vehicle selection and challenges to unlock new vehicles (speed, drifting, time, destruction etc.). I hope to check back with you guys soon, don't hesitate to leave any questions or suggestions below :)