Ascension: The Impossible Climb
By Tim Ruswick

Ascension is an impossible game about an impossible climb. Focus on the climb and survive for as long as you can.



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Implementing player feedback and polish
By Tim Ruswick on January 24, 2017, 4:17 am.

So when I set out initially with Ascension I thought it was a really cool mechanic...And it was! I loved it.

When I was working on it consistently people were play-testing it consistently, and one of the recurring themes was that people did not know how to play or how the controls worked.

Well, as I began to try and solve that problem I realized something...the feedback I was giving the player was not nearly enough to teach them how to play...and thats when My epiphany came.

Polish makes a big difference.

The approach I decided to take was to add "polish" to the game. For example, when your finger was in the middle of a "Slingshot motion" to the side, the player object did not reflect that angle, so when the player object shot to the side according to the aim, it was confusing. I found that by Aiming the triangle according to the players finger, it gave them a little hint as to what was going on.

I'm still experimenting with little tiny bits of polish and feedback to help the player learn these things, but its been interesting so far.

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