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Data Dream Devlog
Devlog by CWD_gamedev on April 4, 2018.

It's the simple things...
By CWD_gamedev on April 6, 2018, 5:41 am.

Alright so today went alright. Got a good amount of work done on the game and decided to call it a day and reheat some soup for dinner. During that time I had an idea for a little splash screen for my game title. I hadn't touched blender in a while and it seemed like it might be a fun little exercise. The idea was nothing fancy, black screen, white title. I would basically split the title in half, put the right side on the left, left side on the right, mask both those sides individually, then animate them moving out from under their masks back to their original sides. It would look kind of like a scrolling marquee where the letters emerged from the center and moved outwards until the entire title was displayed.  Seemed simple enough right?... right? WRONG. I'll spare you the brutal details but just know that the masking system in blender, whether for layers or video strips, is a straight up pain in the rear. (I tried with BI and even the video sequencer, I don't know how to use cycles yet)..... Was hoping to watch a flick tonight but looks like that's not happening. Just another day on the roller coaster.

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