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Leaping into the Unknown
By Lorathien on November 1, 2017, 5:35 pm.

Though there is a high learning curve (at least for me from lack of exposure to things like coding), I haven't given up on making this game. Nearly daily, my friends contact me, asking about any new additions or availability for playtests. Every day, I try to learn courses such as "Intro to Ruby" or YouTube videos describing events and parallaxes to figuring out GIMP (still learning). However, the product is currently at a point where I am able to do an open playtest.

Worldline is broken into clearly defined time eras, with the narrative continually tugging the protagonist towards solving his time dilemma whilst simultaneously trying to figure out the unseen threat and thwart its unknowable plots. Currently, the beginning (modern time) and the first drop off are completed. There are a few quests not yet finished (requiring more maps and the like) but is fully playable to the beginning of the second time period.

If anyone has interest in playtesting, commenting, or just some helpful tips and tricks to this program or game design in general, feel free to reply.  I will see what I can do to get a working demo up for play as soon as possible.

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