Dope Baron
By Bakel

You want to breed your own Hemp strains? You want to have your own Plantation? Then you are the right way with

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Added Missions & translatet into english
Devlog by Bakel on November 19, 2017.

Looking for Testers
By Bakel on November 7, 2017, 2:16 pm.

Im in late dev stage, only fixing errors that occur and finish my last features (at the moment im working on the achievments)

So here the point, to find every error and get feedback on the game and its mechanics / balancing i need testers who test the game for me.

The game is about growing breeding buying and selling pot.

For closer information about the game it self just download it via my Dropbox or read the Project Description (there you also find up2date ingame footage).

If you find any buggs / errors / bad balancing or something like that feel free to comment on the project or message me via this community. 

Im working alone on the project at the moment, so if you are into arts and also love this nice plant feel free to message me, maybe we will build up a nice collaboration.

420 Blaze It guys, have a nice day , thanks for reading.

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