The Wizards Gauntlet
By Nomad_Actual

Prove you aren't just the bravest knight but the fastest by competing in the Wizards Gauntlet








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Beginning of a Gauntlet
Devlog by Nomad_Actual on November 26, 2017.

Making Progress
By Nomad_Actual on November 30, 2017, 7:54 pm.

I've made incredible progress for a beginner, especially for the fact that the only real time I can work on my game is in the mornings before work.

The Progress

  • All the menu screens and button functionality has been added and I actually found that to be quite easy and fun,

  • for ages I couldn't figure out how to get the wizards to spawn a second projectile but that was fixed Thursday, at first I broke the game, the wizards would not stop firing so the projectiles would fan out everywhere and cause the game to lag, I should have taken a screenshot I might set it up so I can later. 
  • Health pickups would not spawn but that's because i forgot to change a number in the floor tile blueprint
  • By far my biggest success and the thing that has troubled me for the longest time now was getting the walls to spawn similar to the floors, they are put into an array and called at random, this is to give the player the idea that they aren't just running on a floating platform although given the fact that the course is made through magic that wouldn't matter either way I guess I just like the look 

Things Left to do Before Testing

  1. Add a slide animation
  2. Add an obstacle that the player needs to slide under 
  3. Figure out a way to spawn the obstacle so that it won't spawn in front of a gap
  4. Add a leaderboard

razorh1399 7 months ago

It looks good, can't wait to try it, keep up the good work!