Monument Rivals
By DragonKnight

an board game that you have to finish your monument before you opponent does.

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Monument Race Dev log #4
By DragonKnight on November 7, 2017, 10:08 pm.

so starting off I wanted to make a dev log bet this site has some problems to add images so I waited a bit. But in the meantime, a lot has happened. from my birthday to being ill for a week long as well my study slow down this progress. so what did do right now? well, I made a new board outlook, I  Add a new monument and fix some small things.

the fence

this is the new monument that I have created

the piramid

and now the new board outlook.

the new Board

so when is the new update well I hope this week but can also be next week because there is still a lot todo. I have to fix some bugs out as well reactive the rolling dice. also, I have to test out if the board works like I want to be.
so that is all that I can share right now but feel free to ask questions about the game or feedback.



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