Monument Rivals
By DragonKnight

an board game that you have to finish your monument before you opponent does.

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By DragonKnight on September 2, 2017, 3:37 pm.

so I never wrote a dev log and I think I will keep it short because of my English grammar.

so this is (not my first game in overall) but my first game that I making alone.(so all the advice is welcome)
I wanted to make a game for a while right now but all the game that wanted to make were too big for one developer.
so I had to cut myself down and down and down.

lucky something sprung up in my head and it was that game that you build a Tesla coil against other opponents on a board game
that was my first idea but then I thought wouldn't be funnier to build a monument from around the world against other people.
so that idea I want to make it real. and I want to finish it.

so now I am three weeks further I thought let's show people what I have already made and in which direction I want to go with it.
so here it is. it is just a prototype but I hope you see the concept in it where I want to go with it.

if you have some feedback you are always welcome to give (because I need it.)

Kind regards,


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