[Project:] Groundhog Day v.2210
By LCG_Zannderx

2D platform shooter with a gameplay driven storyline,based in a world driven by honor and madness

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[Project:] Groundhog Day v.2210
By LCG_Zannderx on May 2, 2018, 5:55 am.

                                                                                                                                                         the latest update of the game

Hello, as some of you my already know i'm Joshua Purtee lead designer and programmer at Last Chance games. I've been  working on this game for less then one month, having to work 40 hour a week at my job. Most of what i get done, is done during my Live Stream. I started the game after joining a game jam "Jim Jam", Which the theme  was "INSPIRATION", I worked out of most of the game plan at work.

Being a 48 hr Jam, I spent most of my time getting the player and moving platforms to work. That with not being very experienced making games I ran out of time. I did get a  working game out mostly just movement and killing enemies the player could not die at that time. Stilling having the drive and the want to finish the game to completion. When you download the file, it will give you access to the older and latest version of the game including the game dev doc.

The last 2 weeks, i have added  player death and health regeneration. The game also displays what wave the player is on and how many of the enemies are still on the map. Collecting and spending your gems in the level store is now in game but you can't buy items. I was able to get the player to jump from below and through to land on top of them, the collision my current problem. I still have not been able to get the platforms to fall after the collision with the player.

 Next month I hope to nail most of that down and add a lot more to the game, with in the first week I would like to get the falling and jump up on to platforms done. The week after i'll start to work on the weapon system with the store and upgrades. High scores is something I would most want to have done but I do no see it being a needed core feature at this time. The final week i will be taking a look into a new combat system, trying to add knock back and enemy effects.

thank you for your time, for more updates on the game visit these links






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