Why Did the Chicken Cross the Universe?
By cheshirekatsmile101

Chicken travels across the galaxy, saving chicken kind

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April 17th, 2018

  •    I am rigging the rat model for the "Through The Drain Pipe" Level. The highly trained, militarized rat army is getting near. I will make several different types of tactical gear for variation within the ranks. Also "General Ratzinger" is the level Boss. General will operate a huge mech in the launch area. Chick will have to destroy the mech before Launch into space is possible. 


After some great feedback from the Discord promo room. I have hand painted all of my textures to give it a more cohesive flow to the character and environment. I originally had used photos my textures (I made them seamless in Gimp and Normal,height, and roughness mapped it in awesome bump). They looked nice, but the problem was that my character was cartoony and the real textures where clashing. Log in to comment

A.M.Gaming 6 months ago

I checked out the YouTube video of your game play. This game looks like it will be a lot of fun! I like the art style, keep up the good work!