Resonant Blade: 2D Action RPG
By richard.daskas








Resonant Blade - Indie Game Devlog #4 (Sonic Pulse, Snake Boss, Music)
By richard.daskas on May 6, 2018, 1:08 am.

This episode, I created a new AOE player ability, the Sonic Pulse. It's an expanding AOE circle of sonic energy that takes on the same resonant frequency as the Resonant Blade. I also started on a massive snake segmented boss. Each segment will cycle through frequencies that make a major chord and shoot projectiles of the current frequency. When the player parries these three frequencies, they'll be able to execute the Sonic Pulse and damage all parts of the snake simultaneously. Lastly, I share my thoughts on how the background music will work within Resonant Blade. There will be a combination of composed tracks for more specific moments in the game (title screen, credits, character themes, cutscenes), and the rest of the bgm will be more ambient and be procedurally generated in real time.

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