Resonant Blade: 2D Action RPG
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Resonant Blade - Indie Game Devlog #5 (Story, Art Updates, and NPCs / Dialogue)
By richard.daskas on May 21, 2018, 8:52 am.

Why is the main character trying to destroy all artificial intelligence? Find out about the game's backstory. This episode also has a bunch of new art updates that include main character concept art, main character and weapon sprites, and urban tilesets. Lastly, I introduce the first NPC, Bob, and the start of a dialogue system.

richard.daskas 1 month ago

Hey Russell, thanks! So far I've done most of the art, but I just brought a friend in who's going to be helping out with some of the art, too. Yea, I feel like I learned so much more about coding since I started working on this project.

Russell Creswell 1 month ago

I like the art style for this game! You making all the art on your own? Looks like a lot of work man. Coding an RPG game must be insane.