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Shoot N Run Second Iteration (First Dev Log)
By GrassWhooper on July 24, 2017, 2:30 pm.

Game Goal : the goal is to escape the room at all costs, Controls are simple, you just click and move, click and shoot. Press 1/2 and right click to interchange between different abilities and weapons.

move your character, dodge enemies, or attack them from their blind spots, in order to reach the final and escape the room. fight tactically and carefully for your freedom. 

i am starting this dev log with the second iteration of the prototype, you can get all iterations from this same exact link. 

the file name is [Shoot N Run0.002.rar

older iterations are also there, but currently there are only 2 iterations.

biggest changes in this iteration from the previous one: 

*Camera Movement with WASD

*Massive Controls Changes a lot more simple to use.

*2 abilities and one special attack have been added

*Massive improvements with the AI having 3 new personalities, and a rework of the old one.

*Levels have been redesigned to feel more open

*Big difficulty increase

*Behavior feedback on each enemy (different states, show different colors on enemies)

*Energy system is now easier to spot, and work with. 

the biggest challenge i have faced with this iteration, were pc breakouts and the university exams, these have just kept me on point, and caused this iteration to be late by ten days than what i had set in my mind. 

i was a bit uncertain of whether i'll continue my project or not, but currently, i am certain that i want to keep iterating on this game. any and all feedback is welcome. this is still pretty really early, not even the art direction is set. but i do intend to manage to compete this game. for time being, i'll simply keep iterating, so i need help, help me with your feedback on each iteration, so i can know how to make the game better. and  any suggestions in general are more than welcome, be it about art, sound ,game play, or even code. 

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