Medieval Steve
By JForthDesigns

Stylistic platforming puzzler

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Great Gale 11 months ago

@JForthDesigns anytime man, give credit where credit is due. Yes we definitely do! Toru Iwatani say's game designers purpose is to make projects that make people happy. I believe games can change the world and bring people together for fun! That's what yours and many others do!

JForthDesigns 11 months ago

@Great Gale, thanks for the super lovely comment! Every now and again, we need little lifts like that! Thanks.

Great Gale 11 months ago

WOW!!!! This looks incredible. Great Job JForthDesigns. The Sfx, the particles, the checkpoints, doors, enemies, trail renderes. This is pure epic! Keep it up!

JForthDesigns 1 year ago

Thanks Tim. I do feel as though I need to add a little variation on colour as the whole thing is blurring into one the same tone. I will need to work on a technique to make certain items stand out.

Tim Ruswick 1 year ago

Looking good man! You really captured that cold feeling well. I like it!