Medieval Steve
By JForthDesigns

Stylistic platforming puzzler

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Great Gale 5 months ago

@JForthDesigns anytime man, give credit where credit is due. Yes we definitely do! Toru Iwatani say's game designers purpose is to make projects that make people happy. I believe games can change the world and bring people together for fun! That's what yours and many others do!

JForthDesigns 5 months ago

@Great Gale, thanks for the super lovely comment! Every now and again, we need little lifts like that! Thanks.

Great Gale 5 months ago

WOW!!!! This looks incredible. Great Job JForthDesigns. The Sfx, the particles, the checkpoints, doors, enemies, trail renderes. This is pure epic! Keep it up!

JForthDesigns 8 months ago

Thanks Tim. I do feel as though I need to add a little variation on colour as the whole thing is blurring into one the same tone. I will need to work on a technique to make certain items stand out.

Tim Ruswick 8 months ago

Looking good man! You really captured that cold feeling well. I like it!