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The Finish Line...
By Great Gale on June 2, 2017, 8:13 pm.

Just finished my first game, YGGD THE FALL and man it feels great to be done. 

But to be honest the end is just the beginning, Now I find myself focusing on continuing the marketing and reach of the game. Making sure I can push it to where it needs to be.  I'm grateful for the opportunity and now have my eyes set on what's next. Though you encounter many defeats, you must never be defeated. Maya Angelou's words rang so vividly in my head as the game went live. I felt such a rush that it's out there. I failed many times, many ways, especially coding, and errors, even with Everyplay, which has to be pushed back for now. To be honest that really knocked me down. Then Avatar Aangs words hit me: When we hit our lowest points, where open to the most change. I changed from outside looking it at my dream, to actually making what I love. So just like Aang I'm going to harness the elements of game develpment and reach Mastery! So even when I have setbacks Yet I rise, Yet I stand defiant, Yet I accomplished my goal.

And I feel that's what life is about, setting a goal, and stomping on it's head like Super Mario till the coins come out. Those coins can be the feeling of achievement, of actual wealth, of a decent level of pride, of victory. For me I feel most importantly it's the fact that I did what I loved. 

Check it out when you can and tell me what you think


Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Stay You!

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