Space Shooter (TBD)
By Wallace.Donegan

A Redux of my very first game. A cross between Asteroids and Galaga.



Work in Progress





Update - 2/26/2018
By Wallace.Donegan on February 27, 2018, 7:26 am.

This project started with the full intention of being wrapped up in a week. Needless to say, that didn't happen. I wound up joining my first game jam with a partner I had met on GDU. We spent 10 days making a game for the Movie Game Jam 2018, and this project got indefinitely paused during the development of that project. The game jam project (dubbed, 'NoBS - Grab The Monkey'; lead to some freelance work that has also kept me quite busy. 

That said, I have spent the last two days working on this. Comming back to this after a break and working on more in-depth projects lead me to experiment and I wound up inventing a technology for unity, I have a system that allows me to use 2 scripts and some sprites to easily create infinite scrolling backgrounds with multiple layers for parallax and non-parallax setups, on the horizontal, vertical axises or both for omnidirectional setups.  I'm thinking about cleaning it up and packaging it to put on the asset store. The system creates all the necessary objects dynamically and pools the tiles for excellent performance. I'm currently using 6 layers of parallax, 2k square textures, alpha enabled, and trilinear filtering. 

Once I got that working, I started playing with particle effects for my asteroids and the hit effects/explosions.  I quickly realized that despite a lot of tutorials and tinkering I either didn't know enough about the particle system to do what i wanted, or the system was not able to do what I wanted. Either way doesn't really matter, I took a invent the tech approach to this and created my own GameObject pooler. When I was done I had, in essence, created my own particle system, though very simple, it was generic enough i will be able to reuse it through the project.  I also took the time to optimize it the best I could, testing it under multiple conditions, spawning single objects, or 1k at a time (obvious performance penalty, but surprisingly not as terrible as I thought it would be.) The result is something that with a little more refinement I will be able to use throughout the project for my custom low poly effects, and will be able to package externally for use with other projects and to share.

This project is taking a long road but given I've completed an entire game for a game jam already, which completing a game was my original goal. I feel I've earned some leeway to develop the technology of this game further potentially reusing it on future projects and possibly putting it on the asset store, or simply sharing it with GDU.

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