By ojl10

A 2-D game that features a character who goes from fan boy to super hero.

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Week 1
By ojl10 on June 29, 2018, 1:25 pm.

I've spent the last week in making the mechanics for my platformer, So far I've gotten a Upgrade menu, Currency drops from enemies and two abilities the character can utilise for fighting and traversing level design.


I've got a glide mode for the character to slowly decend and that can be upgraded for further flight. The other is a  godly weapon that returns to you after a certain distance, currently this is also upgradeable so it can be shot further out injuring more enemies.

Thats the current state, I have only got the visuals of a cubes at the moment so there is not footage, I want to work on a checkpoint system next and some more weapons/abilities. See you next week!

rubi55 1 week ago

I'm exited about this game, sounds fun ;)