CyberPunk TwinStickShooter
By SteupGames

Top Down Twin Stick Shooter with Guns, Abilitys, Coop Puzzles and more Guuuuunz








Week 01 - The Spark of Inspiration
By SteupGames on February 21, 2018, 10:08 am.

I'll split this into the following sections, feel free to Jump the interesting ones. This DevLog mainly discusses the Idea and very few Technical details yet.

  • What drives Ideas
  • From Vision to Concept

What drives Ideas:

I'm always amazed how the human brain connects things. For me it was seeing my "Arch-Enemy" at the office snatching the last piece of a Birthday cake right in front of my nose. If it would have been any other person probably it would have not even bothered me. But this guy?!.... The anger and fury begin to rise in me and the dark side grew strong in me. This led me to return to my desk with my stomach being full of anger rather than delicious cake. 

So I calmed myself down and realized how such a trivial thing, such as a piece of Cake could bring such an emotional distortion into my life. Amused by this realization I spend more time thinking about the situation and exaggerated the situation and played with a few ideas. What I came up with was:

Vision: %u201CAn Office Worker (Average Joe) on a never ending quest to save his piece of Cake from his lurking workmates%u201D.


From Vision to Concept

2D or 3D

I wanted to use this Project to expand my 3D skills and I had just seen a funny cartoony 3d Game in the Ludum Dare 40 Hell a Work  which I had immediately in mind when picturing the art style for this Idea.


Finding the Genre

With this Vision I started exploring different genres but I was certain that it should be an interactive Action game like Jump %u2018n Run / Platformer / Shooter. However that decision is mainly depending on 1) my Skills and 2) my preference.
For a Jump%u2019n%u2019Run I think my skills with Unity are not sufficient and doing all the necessary mechanics ie. a proper 3rd person Camera etc. Also I%u2019m not a huge fan of Platformers so having to playtest this a million times during development scared me of naturally because I did not want to work on a Project that I start hating.

So the only left over of the 3 was an action packed shooter with hordes of co-worker to defend from reaching my Cake. Since I was playing quite a lot of Top down Twin Stick Shooters lately, it felt naturally to me to choose this genre.

Theme/Setting and Art style

Well the Vision gives it already away that it will be placed in Office Buildings with co-workers. The art style should be a simplistic cartoony style. However when moving towards this Cartoony style it would make sense to make the Game Kid Friendly. So why not switch the Weapons to non-Lethal %u201CNerf%u201D Guns? I%u2019m not sure how this will work out but I love the idea.

Bildergebnis f%uFFFDr nerf nuke

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