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Intense racing, sailing strategy, and skateboarding chills!

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What's new in WindSkate beta 0.211: try it here

There was no update for quite some time. However, the wait was worth it! Have a look below on everything new!

  • Improved performance : previous beta was struggling on many device. This should be better now
  • Career mode : the initial development of the career mode in now available. The achievements in career mode are not stored yet


  • Race finish page with position summary


  • Win races to collect stars! For the moment the collected stars are not stored however
  • Tutorials : the tutorial initial implementation is here!



  • New camera effects


  • New wind indicator, replacing the previous arrow

Capture d_écran 2017-08-15 à 16.31.15

  • New wind indicator colored arc, indicating how to get the best wind angle (in green)
  • New race track, "neighborhood", so far used only for the tutorial


  • ... many bugs fixed

Much more is coming!

  • More Tutorials
  • Improved direction indication
  • Graphic needs to be improved
  • Each racetrack will have multiple race course
  • Career mode achievement are not saved yet
  • Career mode will allow to unlock skateboards, sails, tricks, and racetracks, by collecting stars
  • ... Still a lot of bug to fix

... Like always, all feedbacks are welcome, as response of this article or though the Facebook page or visit the WindSkate website!

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