The Vacuum
By Ched80

A simple 2D space trader with pseudo orbital physics.



Work in Progress





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Yet another mechanic
By Ched80 on September 24, 2016, 9:02 pm.

So I am still working on the missions, the core code is there so you can select a mission, complete it (or not) and get rewarded for doing so (or not), but ther are two types of mission I haven't completed yet: planetry landing and ship raiding.

I'm not totally sure what I want to do for the ship raiding yet so I thought I'd make a start on the planetry landing.  So I've spent the past few weeks building up a proto-type for the planetry landing mechanic, which I'm implementing as a sort of 2D physics platformer as shown below.

I apologise for the graphics - they're place holder stuff while I flush out the code. I also need to work on the procedural generation of the building placement as they really shouldn't float in the air like that.

Anyway, this should look a bit better next time.  There are still lots of bits missing - for example you can happily bounce of the surface at the moment and there's no limit on the fuel and oxygen yet either.  The missions using this mechanics will be things like recue a person from the surface, destroy a facility, deploy tracking station. However, I'd like the player to explore the surface for themselves too - to gain experience and random rewards, but that'll be something for a later build.

Originally i was going to leave out planetry landings until i had at least a working version I wanted to release, but the more I play the current version, the more I feel landing makes your feel more connected to the universe.

Tim Ruswick 2 years ago

The more mechanics the better. Id love to see a video or seomthing of it in action. Pics im sure dont do it justice!