A Perilous Journey
By CraterHater

An epic 2D City Builder game with Real Time Strategy elements set in the Middle Ages.








About A Perilous Journey
Updated May 21, 2018, 11:59 am.

The game will be a 2D City-Builder game mixed in with some Real-Time strategy. The game begins with the view on the far right-side of a 2 dimensional world. The world has a bunch of hills, forests and other things you may find in a plains area. The game starts with a little cutscene of a cart driving in from the left side of the screen. The cart deploys on the left-side of the screen and becomes a little castle. The UI (User Interaction) of the game pops into view. Using this UI the player can select a building panel from which the player is able to build some buildings. At the very start of the first level, which will serve as an introduction and tutorial, only one building can be build. This building is a small hovel. The player can select this building and build it somewhere near the castle. Once places another building becomes available, the farm. The player must build a farm to sustain the citizens which will live in the houses. Houses can be upgraded to sustain more citizens. Same for farms. As the player continues to build, buildings such as the barracks, the well and the archery range become available. Not all buildings will be available in the first level.


The player must now assign citizens to a quarry or to woodcutting duties to get more resources which are required to build structures. Once the player manages to build a barracks he is able to create knights and archers. At this point the game truly presents its goal. During this tutorial level the king will be speaking to you via text telling you what to do. Once the player has achieved a decent settlement a cutscene will occur in which the king gets captured by the Demon King and taken to a stronghold on the far right-side of the screen. The player must battle his way to this stronghold in order to complete the level.


Between the player and the demon stronghold will be various challenges such as oceans, so the player has to create boats, mountain ranges, so the player has to create bridges and other strongholds owned by either bandits, witches/necromancers, trolls or goblins. Below is a list of all possible encounters. The game is not randomized and is the same every time you play it. 

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