Boxtory || 2D Platformer
By Cryttexx

A factory themed 2D Platformer about a robot with the possibility to place boxes everywhere.

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About Boxtory || 2D Platformer
Updated August 4, 2017, 5:32 pm.

Searching for Prototype testers! (PN us, or comment bellow)

Prototype:  Prototype Devlog

Hello everyone,

First i think i want to say, that you can just write a comment although you dont want to follow the game. Because this would help me a lot. So now have fun with the game.

The game is a 2D platformer only for pc. It base on other casual platformers. So a lot of enimies and traps you know from other games like super Mario. But there are also big diffrents in the gameplay. For me its important that many ideas of other devs will be included, because i think the indie devs must help each other. Also the game will be a combination with the puzzle genre

The Story is about a Robot. He is working in factory wich produce boxes and cartons (important for the gameplay). But the bosses of the factory are verry evil, so its verry hard work. One day our Little Robot decides to run away from the factory. But of course the bosses and their Little asiistants want to catch him. On his way he meets other Roboters. So he want to save them too. On his way he come threw diffrent factorys (worlds in the game).
--> i know its not the best storry but in combination with Comic art could be cute

The gameplay is verry casual. There are of course traps like Spikes, the Little assistants or falling blocks. You spawn in a world and just must jump threw the Level. BUT there are also big diffrents: Because of the puzzle. Like i said the boxes are important for the gameplay. You can place them everywhere with a cooldown. And just if you use them right you can win. On the way you get more and more boxes. That should bring the Player to Play longer. Diffrent boxes:
- carton: you can jump on but enemies can destroy it
- Trampoline: you can jump higher
- Hard box: reflects damage
- weapon box: attacks enemys
- Dynamite box: can destroy blocks

To time there are just bad graphics for the prototype. ALL graphics will be made new after the prototype. The graphic style will be a modern funny Comic style. Maybe in vector design. But im not good in designing so i must look how to manage that.

- Prototype: 1-3 weeks (bad graphics, foundation programmed)

Prototype is there

For me its verry important to get feedback. So just write a comment with ideas or suggestions.

People helped a lot (here Comes everyone had godd ideas, usw.)
- Thr111, he was the first person helped my realy a lot to start and improved the whole gameplay. So thank you a lot!
- mercuryus, he was the secound Person helped me. He helps me so much and every comment from him motivates me more and more. Also he improves the gameplay and the game design. Hopefully i can give you with the realessed game that back what you invested in the game. Thank you!
- NN81, he gave me verry much feedback and so he improved the game with his good ideas. His words motivate me a lot. Thank you verry much.

Thank you for reading!


(and the whole Stone Punsh Studio)

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Boxtory: First Devlog || Devlog #1
Devlog by Cryttexx on July 13, 2017.

DincaAlin 6 months ago

Hi! Are you still searching for testers? If you do, I want to be one of them. I like this game and I want to help you guys with the testing part.