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The legend of Chuture, Build, craft and fight on a time travelling train.

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About Chuture
Updated May 8, 2018, 11:41 am.

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The legend of Chuture,  Build, craft and fight on a time travelling train.

Build: Build structures and expand your train

Craft: We have as many in past a crafting system, however ours is based on what you "ingredients" you have, more recipes become available.


Fight:  Some objects when destroyed will spawn enemies on your wagon, however you can also recruit some friendlies~

The workshop: Collect resources when you lose and upgrade your starting train for next time.


Special parts: 

Figure out logistics on a moving platform

Travel through 3D space in total 2D game!

* Special footnotes*:

  • we post weekly updates on our blog, check it out~:
  • Open development will continue until somewhere in the beta version of the game
  • Right now chuture is in alpha, that's why it's cheap, the price will grow as the game grows. 
  • The paid version comes with the following extras:
    •  Checoder: ( A not so simple, cheats decoder)

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