Dope Baron
By Bakel

You want to breed your own Hemp strains? You want to have your own Plantation? Then you are the right way with

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About Dope Baron
Updated December 4, 2017, 8:04 pm.

Dope Baron is formed out of a prototype I coded back in 2016, I picked up the work in early Oktober and aiming on releasing before end of december.

But I need help, YOUR help, at the moment I only have only one test player, and im too close to the project to test myself, so I would appreciate it if some of you would try my game and maybe you enjoy it.

But now more about the game itself :

Its only avaible for android at the moment but im wanting to add IOS too, but one by one.

You start the game with 10 bucks, you can now start buying Weed and sell it for higher price,while waiting for your weed to get sold you can breed your OWN strains, and even breed them to even more cooler strains, you can experiment with different yields,growtimes and qualitys.

If you have 5000$ you can invest into your first plantation and grow 21 plants of up to 3 different saved genetics of your own strains, its all about Customizing your potfarm.

That was a really short version of the game but if you want to give it a try just download the newest version :

If you find any bugs / have suggestions / want to know something / want to say something you can do it in this thread :

Im also currently working on an instagram page :
where I post updates on the gamedev, and a Twitter page :

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Added Missions & translatet into english
Devlog by Bakel on November 19, 2017.

Looking for Testers
Devlog by Bakel on November 7, 2017.

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