Demons Rule: Kingdom Survival
By Rob

Try to survive in a world of Demons. This game isn't about beating the final boss - this game is about man's survival.



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About Demons Rule: Kingdom Survival
Updated April 13, 2018, 7:16 pm.

A Little Introduction

How did the demons come to our world? There are many stories with few facts among them. What I do know is that everything has changed.

Our Kingdoms have fallen, evil rules and even the land itself is changed beyond recognition.

I've managed to gather a small band of survivors and every day is a struggle. We send out heroes to explore the nearby lands but many do not return. Sometimes they bring new people to our camp but we must be careful - many men now serve their new Overlords and delivering a prize such as us into their master's grasp would bestow immense power and favour upon those willing to betray us.

About the Game

In this game, you'll manage the survival of a settlement whilst you send out heroes to explore new areas, looking for anything that can help you. 

Events will pop up from time to time at your settlement. Bands of men might offer help or try to extort you. Some will serve Demons and demand payment in gold, food, and people.

Whether you choose to hand them over can be a difficult choice. If you do, then you'll have lost some important resources and your people may be angry, but at least you'll survive for now. If you decide to refuse then you may have to fight and lose even more resources and people than if you had capitulated.

Growing a strong settlement and getting the people behind you whilst managing your dealings with the demons will decide whether you can prosper into a mighty Kingdom or perish along with the rest of humanity.

Have You Actually Developed Anything Yet???

At the moment I'm working on the visual style and GUI. My main focus will soon be on settlement management and events, which will be a core mechanic and it's really important to get right. This is what will, hopefully, drive players onwards and make them want to keep playing.

The concept of the game has changed a little, and this was because I needed to give players more of a reason to send out their heroes. It's more exciting to watch your heroes fight if the survival of your settlement may depend on it. If that hero dies, you won't get that chest of gold to pay off the local Demon Lord, and that means he will take half of your people instead, or worse.

It's also far more interesting for me to work on!

I'm always open to comments and suggestions.

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A new beginning
Devlog by Rob on April 9, 2018.

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